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    • During my career I’ve had the great privilege of making a profound impact on my clients’ lives  – the below are a few of those clients who have shared their kind words and experiences.

    • I met David when I needed to the most.  And I will forever be thankful that I did.

      During the ubiquitous malaise of mid-life I had lost my compass. I was one of those blokes who daily donned the corporate suit of armour and just soldiered on, thinking it a weakness to show any mental fragility as I went about fulfilling my roles and responsibilities.  Increasingly weighed down by the variety of issues that naturally come with being a son, husband, father of three, business owner, manager and leader, I was unhappy and confused about life.

      In his powerful and unique way David stripped me bare emotionally, making me look hard at the man I saw in the mirror – who I was, who I loved, what I stood for.  To do so was challenging, confronting and emotional, but such a cathartic experience.

      Through a combination of one-to-one sessions and at home “exercises/training” David then sensitively and skilfully taught me to cut through all the bullsh*t I had burdened myself with. With his help I began to fully realise and genuinely appreciate the rich life I was actually living.  Of the many, many things David taught me something that still resonates most is his saying, “Happiness is Love. Full Stop.” and then making me realise that I was in fact “Swimming in Love”

      David is a master at what he does.  His wisdom about how to live a good life, garnered from his having helped thousands of individuals navigate theirs, is amazing. I have never met anyone before who is so purely and simply motivated by a burning, genuine desire to help other people.  There has not been one occasion I have spent time with David that I did not walk away feeling lighter, better, happier in myself and with what I have in the world.

      David’s influence on me has been profound.  It is no exaggeration to say that he changed my life, for the better.  And it will be no surprise to him that I find myself writing this testimonial while camping on the beach at Stradbroke Island with my family and friends, perched up on a sand dune at dusk, looking over the ocean, hearing the waves roll in, the birds chirping and the wind rustling through the casuarina trees feeling content and loving every minute of it!

      I wholeheartedly commend David Ball and his work to you.

    • I have worked with David for several years now.  He has helped me with a particularly difficult period in my life, and helped me find my way back.  Most of all he taught me to embrace all of my life, and to delight in the things that matter most, and not to be consumed by the things that matter less.

      Significantly he also helped me to understand that I am not unique, and that I have confronted issues faced by so many men of my age and occupation.

      I am a different and so much better (and happier) person from knowing David, and working with him.  He has great insights and intuition, and takes enormous care and satisfaction in sharing his humanity.  I would not hesitate to recommend David to all of my friends who deal with the challenges of roles and responsibility and self-doubt, and struggle with the often harsh intersection between busy professional and father and husband, and who desire a change to simply be a person who enjoys life, and who is an enjoyment to be around.

    • My life has been touched in a very unique and profound way by meeting David Ball. I initially met him at the Golden Door on the Gold Coast in 2007 but more recently attended the men’s wellness weekend at Golden Door Hunter Valley with my brother in-law in April 2014 and have since worked with him one on one. My primary goal was to optimize my health and my life but I was also very keen to learn knowledge and skills I could then pass onto others close to me and also my patients.

      I have met many special people in my life and many very highly trained health practitioners but no one that remotely compares to David Ball. David brings to the table more than 20 years of intense training, research, knowledge and experience in the realm of health and wellness. Combine this experience with an astute profound emotional intelligence and a palpable goodness, empathy and integrity and this equals an unparalleled individual who can help all of us live better, healthier and happier lives. I believe his knowledge and teachings should be in the curriculum of schools and should be made available to all of us, children and adults alike.

      For those of us fortunate to meet David Ball I am sure you would share my opinion of him. I cannot more strongly endorse the work he does and cannot more highly recommend to anyone that you meet him, listen to him and embrace his philosophy to live a happier and healthier life. Thank- you David.

      Head Team Doctor Sydney Swans Football Club
    • Critical work for Men that needs to be done if you are going to be successful in life. Did you know that there was such a thing as “Secret Men’s Business”? Secrets that every man needs to know, but are seldom if ever told, and they don’t teach it to you at school, university or work. So critical that sadly you only find out about them through the painful method of experience. Are you having trouble balancing all the critical things in your life? Being your health, happiness, key relationships, work, or do you just simply want to do them all much better?
      Then I am thinking you absolutely need to meet and spend time with David Ball, I did and he helped provide me with critical information, facts, understanding, insight, leadership, and most importantly the secrets that have allowed me to change my life and my wellbeing. David has an incredible depth of experience and knowledge gathered over 20 years of direct contact and interaction with those that know all about real life, its many challenges and harsh realities, being 30,000 men and women just like you.
      David is passionate, sincere, trustworthy, honest, open minded, frank, inclusive, and he is an excellent listener with different views of life and its meaning.
      Time spent with David will be challenging, confronting, emotional and above all will help you unlock the secrets to enable you to better face and understand your reality and most importantly change your destiny.
      We have all heard about Coaching and Mentoring how amazing would it be if David Ball just simply and easily helped you find the Secrets to being better Men who are healthier, happier, have better relationships and real work life balance.
      David’s messages and observations are unique and if taken on board will have a major impact on your life and those of your loved ones, friends and work colleagues.
      David’s offerings are irresistible to both men and women especially if you are interested in avoiding or coping with all of life’s major crisis.
      Wouldn’t you rather take actions to prevent bad things from happening or be treated for the effects after the event?
      I unreservedly encourage you to spend some time interacting with David Ball unlocking “Secret Men’s Business” the worst thing that will happen is you will be a better Man for the experience.

    • I met David Ball at the Golden Door and was inspired by his perspective and guidance on how hard working men should look at themselves holistically, to learn to spend quality time for themselves and achieving balance in their lives as distinct from focusing solely on their careers and work. By achieving that balance for one’s self, family/friendships and work, your satisfaction and level of happiness can be fulfilled. David gave me the awareness to think about these issues about life and how they interrelate. It is a constant struggle to get it right, but l envy the man that does. And it need not come at the expense of your ambitions and work aspirations.

      Alumina Limited Managing Director and CEO
    • David is grounded and insightful. He has mastered the art of slow thinking and deep listening. Everyone needs this in today’s fast world and David’s manner and methods demonstrate magnificently the benefits. He gains trust very quickly and is able to cut through life’s challenges for his clients very quickly and provide a way forward. He personifies EQ. I first met David as a client @ Golden Door in 2008 and used him for a firm retreat some years later. He has a rare gift.

      Maurice Blackburn CEO
    • The corporate world is through necessity taking an increasing interest in holistic wellness which has been catalysed by the need for resilience in the volatile, unpredictable and challenging world we have to perform in. I know from personal experience David Ball has the capacity to make a significant practical and sustained difference in this space – combining the threads of physical, emotional and spiritual intelligence over the last 20 years he has relentlessly built an authentic capability based on new thinking and effective practical execution.

      Chairman and Director
    • I first met David in 2004. Every second year subsequently, we have participated in numerous life skill tutorials on my own personal development. David can’t walk on water, but he certainly has a powerful message to enjoy and he shares the tools that many of us don’t even know we need in our day to day lives.
      If you are 35+ yrs and cannot remember the last time you felt really good about you, without alcohol or any other substance, spend some time with David.
      You will go home with a bag of life tools that just keep giving.
      Most importantly you will know how to return to that feel good place without donning cheesecloth robes and humming.
      David has met many people from all walks and stations of life. I have not met one that has walked away with a negative viewpoint.

      Former Director Raine & Horne City Living
    • I went to the Golden Door Health Retreat in 2012 with no expectations and thinking it would be a nice rest and to have time with my Mum and I found “heaven”. It was a very special time and I think most of that is due to having met David Ball and attending the seminars, the nature walks, the fitness sessions and the stretching sessions- all run by David. To say he is dynamic is a total understatement. David possesses a rare aura that I have only met in a few humans in my life so far. He oozes calm, serenity and goodness and this permeates through every activity that he is involved in. David truly lives what every health promotion is saying now about appreciating the moment, truly living your life with depth and sincerity and also with David, incredible focus. I lost a dear friend while we were away and although it was expected (she had been sick for a long time) David and the people at Golden Door turned what should have been a terrible day into what I can only describe in the words that I used at the time “I feel like I am being cushioned on clouds of love and support from everyone and that physically felt like it lifted me!” When I was going to turn back to my room after just learning of her death I had the choice to go on David’s “attentional training bushwalk“. I would never usually have chosen this but it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Without many words we walked into the bush and he placed us all about 30 metres apart and we were silent. I closed my eyes that were full of sorrow and we did a attentional training run by David that is something I will never forget. It is very hard to describe but I felt nature and all of the surrounding birds, animals and cicadas were one with me. The cicada’s noise rose and fell with my deep breathing and I have never experienced that before.
      I think David is a gift that everyone should give themselves or their partner to truly get back to what is important and how to live your life in full appreciation of what you have. In a time when we are all rushing from one thing to the next and always looking forward or back, David makes you stop and see things in the present and focus on that. He does all of this without preaching, just quietly talking and being completely honest with himself and others.

      Mother, wife, BM interiors owner
    • I have always been a driven person – driven to achieve, driven to be the best I could be. For years that meant working as hard as I could and spending little time on or for myself. One day, the inevitable crisis occurred. Too much stress, no exercise and no fun or time out suddenly presented themselves as a wall that I ran headlong into. Everything stopped. My mind, my body and my spirit. Thankfully I was in a safe place – a well regarded health retreat. Among the amazing staff was David Ball.

      Through David and his colleagues’ expertise and care I learned that life is nothing unless it is balanced. Good food, exercise, fun and reflection time (read rest!) is vital to sustain the body and the mind throughout our lives. Perhaps the most important thing to learn was it is so much more empowering to be a human BEING not a human doing. So I embarked on a committed change to get well, stay well and learn to become sunshine on legs!

      You can binge on health once a year at a health retreat or taking a holiday – or you can take the opportunity to meet David and invite him into your company and your life to impart his skills, expertise and support. He is a leader in his field of health and well being. I know he has changed lives.

      I suggest you do it before a big wall jumps up and hits you.

      SUE HUNT
      Chief Executive and life-long learner
    • David Ball is the real deal. He is completely genuine. Like all of us, he is touched by the harsh realities of life. Unlike most of us, he has mastered the strategies to face these challenges and stand up to them. Luckily for me, he has chosen to share what he has learnt. I have only met David twice, once for a week in 2010 and again in June 2013. The first time he helped me to regain confidence and, almost effortlessly, he put me back on track. That time I was completely unaware of the fact that I needed redirection until I returned home. The changes that I introduced refreshed and revitalized me, professionally and personally. Everybody commented. The second time I sought him out, my focus had slipped, I was feeling overwhelmed and desperately needed to find myself again. Fortunately for me, David was still there, and, even though he was facing his own new challenges, he spent another week with another 20 strangers, and calmly placed us all back on the rails. Many of us cried, we all laughed out loud (not only at David’s magnificent hat hair, but with him as well) and we all went home emotionally recharged and ready to live life well, live life to the best of our capabilities and share that with those that we love. Thank you David.

      Mother, Wife and Obstetrician
    • In 2011, I was attempting to resolve some conflicting elements that were occuring in my work, home and social life. I met David Ball at The Golden Door retreat. I was immediately struck by David’s calm and centred approach to wellness. David provided me some invaluable advice as well as introducing me to a unique meditation in the rainforest that I still use today. I am very excited that David is continuing his focus on teaching and coaching people to bring out their best. I couldn’t recommend David more highly.

      Strategic Adviser + Director at It Has A Story Consulting
    • High performers drive successful organisations. Research by the Corporate Executive Board suggests that ‘enterprise contributors’ (as it calls the small cadre of high performers) can increase organisational revenue and profits by as much as 12%… which can mean the difference between success and failure. David Ball helps organisations enable high performers through his tailored solutions that include experiential, social and structured elements. I have personally experienced David’s work, and recommend him as a high performer in his field.

      Managing Director: 70:20:10 Forum, Blended
    • Few people you come across in life impact as profoundly and positively as David Ball. He has a unique ability to help people cut through to what really matters at work, at home and in life, and to support them on that journey. I would personally describe David’s work as transformational and I highly recommend David to other professionals who seek to recover balance, good health and well being.

      Mediator, Facilitator, Conflict Consultant Cullaborate
    • When I think of David Ball I think of love and kindness. David is one of the most unique individuals I have ever worked with. He is extremely passionate, funny, esoteric and genuine; what you see is what you get. David has strong beliefs and is very connected to what he stands for. He is not afraid to challenge the status quo especially when it comes to making important life choices. He has awakened thousands of high performers to prioritise their values, especially their health and relationships. Through his words of wisdom (uniquely delivered) he helps promote perspective, something that can elude many of us when we are so busy doing rather than just being. If you are looking for someone to deliver an entertaining and heartfelt message on the importance and of living well, I highly recommend David’s workshops and sessions. Sure to have an impact!

      General Manager, The Golden Door Elysia