Are you thriving in the areas that matter most to you?



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    • To thrive in life we have to master the perennial challenge of balancing work, health, responsibility, family and relationships.

      I don’t know it all but I mentor a sustainable way forward for my clients to focus on what matters most.

      What could you learn from the distilled wisdom of the thousands I’ve mentored?


    • Life Coach vs Life Mentor

      I call myself a life mentor instead of a life coach for 2 reasons. Firstly, in the last 20 years the wellness field has grown exponentially, which has seen many people wanting to work as a life coach, this led to an industry being developed to service such demand. Fast forward to 2021 and there are many individuals who have completed a life coach course, with courses ranging from 1 week to 1 year. Because of this oversupply of life coaching graduates most people who complete such courses will never derive a livelihood as a life coach.

      In my case, I completed an Applied Science degree in 1996 (majoring in physical & emotional wellness thru the lifespan). Over the next 15+ years I mentored thousands of people in a multidisciplinary health retreat setting in how to move closer to a better way of living (whatever that meant for each person). So because of my degree qualifications, and the significant breadth and depth of my 15+ years of experience working with clients in the health retreat setting, and the last 8 years working 1:1 with clients, I feel it diminishes the enormity of my offering if I was to call myself a life coach.

      Secondly, the breadth and depth of my skills and experience is such that it goes beyond merely coaching an individual to improve their performance across various areas of their life. I call myself a life mentor because in addition to coaching performance improvements, I also facilitate growth and development which impacts all areas of my clients’ lives.


        Whilst each mentoring program is bespoke, there are 2 main types of 1:1 mentoring that are currently provided, catering for local Brisbane clients or interstate and international clients.


    • Over 7000 men helped

    • 20 years experience

    • Bespoke 1-on-1 mentoring

    • “I clearly remember the day I reached out to David for help. On the face of things I was a big success. Underneath I was burnt out and struggling to see a meaningful path forward.  I just knew that I could not continue the way things were. The time I have spent with David has been invaluable. David has taught me powerful new perspectives and provided the necessary insights and tools for me to create a sustainable self and path forward. I now clearly know what I care about and what I don’t care about. My non-negotiable’s are crystal clear.”

      Executive client of the past 2 years

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