• David Ball

      B.App.Sc.(Wellness); B.Teaching

      For over 20 years I’ve mentored thousands to understand how critically important it is to flourish in all life domains, for optimal sustained success in any. Before starting my business in 2013 I was the Wellness Manager for 15+ years at Australia’s No. 1 Health Retreat, The Golden Door Health Retreat.

    • I specialise in mentoring MEN in:

      • The critical skill of being able to focus attention on what matters most across the big three life domains of – self, relationships and work.
      • Given the codependency of these domains we are either the master of all or the master of none; and
      • Mentoring a whole of life balance to enable attention to be directed sustainably into the future.​

      There are three broad stages in any engagement:

      • Awareness of individual wellness and benefits of obtaining a sustainable whole of life balance; and
      • Tools that are necessary to facilitate change; and
      • Mentoring to facilitate and maintain a flourishing and sustainable whole of life balance to be able to live well in leadership of yourself, your family and at work.

      By mentoring my clients to stay “focused and healthy”, I enable men to be equipped for the rapid-fire intensity of life over the short and long term. My approach draws upon the best and latest research into Wellness Coaching, partnered with the latest neuroleadership techniques to provide truly transformational programs to enable men to take responsibility for their vision of a better way of living.

    • Services

      View the two main services that are on offer: 1:1 Bespoke Mentoring Program, and Men’s Wellness Retreat.

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    • If You’re Not Sure

      Common reasons men approach me to be mentored   They’re travelling well in life but want to use the objectivity distilled from the 7000 mens’ life experiences I’ve mentored to…

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