Are you thriving in the areas that matter most to you?



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    • To thrive in life we have to master the perennial challenge of balancing work, health, responsibility, family and relationships.

      I don’t know it all but I mentor a sustainable way forward for men to focus on what matters most.

      What could you learn from the distilled wisdom of the 7000 men I’ve mentored?


    • Over 7000 men helped

    • 20 years experience

    • Bespoke 1-on-1 mentoring


        Whilst each mentoring program is bespoke, there are 2 main types of 1:1 mentoring that are currently provided, catering for local Brisbane clients or interstate and international clients.



      “I clearly remember the day I reached out to David for help. On the face of things I was a big success. Underneath I was burnt out and struggling to see a meaningful path forward.  I just knew that I could not continue the way things were. The time I have spent with David has been invaluable. David has taught me powerful new perspectives and provided the necessary insights and tools for me to create a sustainable self and path forward. I now clearly know what I care about and what I don’t care about. My non-negotiable’s are crystal clear.”

      Executive client of the past 2 years

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