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    • Common reasons men approach me to be mentored


      They’re travelling well in life but want to use the objectivity distilled from the 7000 mens’ life experiences I’ve mentored to make sure they’re ticking all the boxes.

      They want to master the perennial challenge of balancing work, health, responsibility, family and relationships.

      They want to transition out of their current role into a future working life they want. Some are transitioning now, some in 3 months, some in 6 months, whereas others are planning to transition this time next year. For all of these men getting this transition right is critically important.

      They want to be the best father that they can be, often catalysed by experiences for eg:

      “My father primarily had a performance relationship with me, he did his best but I want a deeper connection with my son/ daughter”

      They want to have a sustainable whole of life balance across the 3 domains of – self, relationships and work, so that they’re able to focus on what matters most, sometimes catalysed by experiences for eg:

      “I live on a plane”

      They want to thrive in their loving relationships, sometimes catalysed by experiences for eg:

      “Often I just see the kids before they go to sleep”

      They want to feel more purpose and meaning in their life, this often comes to a head because few men do work that is their calling, frequently catalysed by experiences for eg:

      “I have a big hole inside me that I can’t fill with a great lifestyle”

      They want to transition from working life to retirement (whatever that means for them). Some of these men are financially independent retire early (FIRE) men in their late 30’s/early-mid 40’s who say things like; “I don’t want to play golf all day, I’m leaving formal work to gain control of my time”.

      For some men its about addressing all of the above.

      They’re doing a program with me because their father was my client, and the father wants his son to navigate life with a better toolkit than he had.

    • “The corporate world is through necessity taking an increasing interest in holistic wellness which has been catalysed by the need for resilience in the volatile, unpredictable and challenging world we have to perform in. I know from personal experience David Ball has the capacity to make a significant practical and sustained difference in this space – combining the threads of physical, emotional and spiritual intelligence over the last 20 years he has relentlessly built an authentic capability based on new thinking and effective practical execution.”

      Chairman and Director

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        Whilst each mentoring program is bespoke, there are 2 main types of 1:1 mentoring that are currently provided, catering for local Brisbane clients or interstate and international clients.